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Ugly Halloween Sweater

Last week I did a Google Image search for “Jacques Plante knitting,” you know, as one does, and one of the images that came up (one of the first images that came up) was a photo of me at a … Continue reading

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Like a Phoenix

Last year it was feeling like a chore to make sure I posted at least once a month, and I decided that I was only going to post when I felt inspired. I forgot, however, that inspiration only comes to … Continue reading

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On the Road

I am not very good at blogging with my iPod touch. Rest assured that the Margaret sock and I are going to have some things to show you when we get back home from our latest trip.

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Hey, I Have a Blog!

No, I didn’t entirely forget that I had a blog. Yes, I did entirely forget to update it. I’ve been thinking lately that this site seriously needs a design makeover, which will take some time to do. Every time I … Continue reading

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Why I Did Not Blog All Month

Yeah, National Novel Writing Month will do it to ya. I did knit quite a lot in early November, but that meant I had quite a lot of writing to catch up on later in November. Hence, no time for … Continue reading

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Not Actually Roadkill

As predicted, I’ve been really busy lately. A while ago, I did the easy part of the knitted kitty, the knitting part, but unfortunately, sometime I’m going to have to do the more difficult part, the stuffing and sewing, because … Continue reading

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It’s Not Much of a Tail, but I’m Sort of Attached to It

Eeyore is finished, and I was so dedicated to showing his colours accurately that I went outside when it was -26°C with the wind chill, just so I could get a photo in natural light. The things I do for … Continue reading

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That’s Progress, Sugar

The wrist is feeling much better. I can now knit without any pain. It’s not completely healed yet — for instance, I wouldn’t try playing volleyball with it, but I am never going to play volleyball ever again anyway, so … Continue reading

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