Ugly Halloween Sweater

Last week I did a Google Image search for “Jacques Plante knitting,” you know, as one does, and one of the images that came up (one of the first images that came up) was a photo of me at a Valentine’s Day dinner, on account of this post. Well, that was odd. And it also reminded me that hey, I (ostensibly) have a blog.

As penance for ignoring my blog for over a year this time, here is a photo of me from yesterday, wearing an ugly Halloween sweater. My face isn’t really that red; it just looks that way in the photo. (Perhaps I shouldn’t have admitted that, because not actually being red-faced means that I chose to wear that sweater while completely sober, and that I wasn’t even embarrassed enough to blush about it.)

me in an ugly Halloween sweater

Me in an ugly Halloween sweater.

It’s like something Ms. Frizzle from The Magic School Bus would wear. It is not handknit; I bought it at Value Village for four dollars, and clearly it was worth every penny. Although now I suppose that when you do a Google Image search for “Jacques Plante knitting” you will also wind up with a photo of me in an ugly Halloween sweater. This is a really weird thought.

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