In 2003, I saw the Dogosaurus Rex sweater on the cover of the Patons book Another Dog’s Life. I thought it was the coolest thing, and I vowed that one day I would learn to knit and I would make that dog sweater.

Another Dog's Life pattern booklet

I learned to knit, but I didn’t make the dog sweater. Then I realized that my dog is sixteen years old, so I’d better get to work on Dogosaurus Rex. Now I’m at the part where I’m adding the polka dots to it in duplicate stitch, so I’ve started referring to it as Polkaroo, after the character from Polka Dot Door. I’ve also been singing the theme song, and my husband had no idea what I was going on about, because apparently he managed to go through an entire childhood in Canada in the seventies and eighties without ever having seen the show. I tried explaining it to him, but you kind of can’t.


The actor playing Polkaroo donned a tall, green plush costume that resembled a kangaroo. In its mended, yellow and multi-coloured polka-dot muumuu, the creature spoke using various repeated exclamations of its own name accompanied by elaborate gestures. The meaning of this pantomime was to be guessed by the audience.
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Children’s television is so insane.

Speaking of poking and kangaroos, today I stumbled across the Naked Knitters site, which has a knitting chart for a motif of kangaroos having sex. There are also charts for bunnies, cows, and deer doing it, but dude… kangaroos… that’s epic. I need to make a kangaroo sex hat.

Maybe not anytime soon, but someday. For the moment, it’s back to Polkaroo the Dogosaurus rex. Which is Latin for “king of the dog lizards.” Well, almost.

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