How to Get a Hat out of a Rabbit

It’s much less disgusting than it sounds, I promise, because you don’t need to use the whole rabbit. No bunnies were harmed to make this hat, only defluffified a little bit.

Kitten in angora hat, side

Step 1: Obtain a skein of Fleece Artist Peter Rabbit, 90% angora and 10% nylon.

Fleece Artist Peter Rabbit

Step 2: Knit a hat. Oh, crap, I guess this isn’t as amazing a magic trick as I thought it was, apart from the fact that using sticks to turn string into clothing is always kind of magical.

Kitten in angora beret

The pattern is called Angora Beret, although it’s not really a beret, more of a Roundish Thing That Goes on Your Head. There’s a pattern on Ravelry called Angora Beret that uses Peter Rabbit, but this is not that. It’s quite similar, though.

I’m fairly certain I have enough yarn left over that I could knit a whole other hat with the rest of the skein. If getting one hat out of a rabbit isn’t a good enough magic trick, then what about getting two hats?

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  1. Maureen Kelly says:

    Do you know where I can purchase the Peter Rabbit yarn? Can’t seem to find it.
    Thanks so much
    Maureen Kelly

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