In Case You Were Wondering

Our wedding was perfect.

Kitten wearing her shrug at the wedding dinner

I finished my wedding shrug in time, because “at the hairdresser’s a few hours before the ceremony” is totally “in time.” I finished the garter, too, by which I mean that my mother tied the ends of the elastics together a few minutes before the ceremony because I never got around to sewing them.

Kitten and Puppy cutting the cake

When we get the pictures from our actual photographer (the ones in this post were taken by my mother) I’ll probably post some more photos, but my husband doesn’t like his picture posted online, so there won’t be any photos of him in which I don’t crop out his head.

Oh, and I finished the rushnyk in time, too.

wedding rushnyk

I’m still exhausted from all the wedding stuff, although we got married a week and a half ago — I’m also getting over a cold — but I figure I can sleep after KnitEast.

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2 Responses to In Case You Were Wondering

  1. Pat says:

    Mary, you looked gorgeous! The shrug turned out beautifully. Best to you and Jody (sorry, I always forget if Jody’s name ends in “i” or “y”. Hope all is well. Think of you often and miss you in town. Take care.

  2. Pearl says:

    Congrats x1000 to both of you! Looks like you had a wonderful time – and great shrug! I’m still too slow to even consider deadline knitting, so I admire your bravery and ability to just get. it. done!

    🙂 P.

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