Have You Found My Green Ribbon?

A few nights ago I dreamed that the seamstress who is sewing ribbon around the edge of my wedding veil showed me the turquoise ribbon she was using and it was WAY TOO GREEN, and I was upset. This dream is tantamount to a sign saying WELCOME TO CRAZYVILLE. POPULATION: YOU.

The wedding shrug, however, is coming along. I am in the process of turning this (Handmaiden Double Sea Silk in the Topaz colourway)

ball of turquoise Double Sea Silk

into this, and so far it is looking something like this

Little Silk Shrug in progress

and I think it’s coming along rather well, knock on wood.

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  1. Pat says:

    It was really nice to see you today. Your Wedding Shrug is looking gorgeous. Sorry I missed you at Second Cup later but I don’t know if you were ahead of me (I noticed that YOY closed at 3 pm so don’t know if you made it there or not.) Hope you have a safe trip home and maybe I will see you next weekend. Will be there Sat and Sun approx. 11:++ am until 1:++ pm. Take care.

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