I’ve Got Class

I’ve known about KnitEast Atlantic Fibre Fest for a very long time, but it took quite a while before I registered for any classes. For once, I had a good reason other than simple procrastination: I am getting married twelve days before KnitEast starts. Even though we are having a small wedding, it does mean that I’m going to be somewhat busy around that point in time, and it wasn’t until recently that we firmly decided on the exact date. It seemed rather foolish to register for classes when I didn’t know if I’d be able to go or not. It worked out, though, and unless things go terribly, horribly wrong — there’s always time for that to happen — I should be there this fall. On the Saturday, I’m going to be taking Lucy Neatby‘s Equilateral Triangle Knitting and Designs class, going to the Spinning 101 mini-workshop, and the afternoon Yoga for Knitters. (Because the morning yoga classes are at 7:30 a.m., and 7:30 in the morning on a weekend is wrong.) Sunday I’m taking Stephanie Pearl-McPhee‘s Liking Lace class.

I’m not sure how my better half is going to amuse himself during this time, but his willingness to go on a mini-honeymoon entirely full of yarn (real honeymoon to happen sometime in 2012) indicates that he will be the best husband in the entire world.

Speaking of classes, last month I took a Fair Isle class at Cricket Cove from Andrea Arbour. Project: the Paris Mittens that she designed.

Paris Mitten wrist

Don’t let that progress picture scare you. In general, the mittens look better when they are knit by someone who is not me, and that particular mitten would look better when photographed by someone who is not me. I also expect that a photo of the mitten when it is entirely finished and, most importantly, blocked, will look much better even if I am the one who takes it.

I’ve been nearly finished the left one for a while now, but have been having some arguments with the mitten regarding closing the top of it. The garter stitch saddle in two colours makes my head go a little splodey. Once I have shown it who is boss, I plan to get back to work on baby items for various friends and relatives before embarking on the second mitten. I swear this is a result of my spirit of generosity, not second-mitten syndrome. Uh-huh. For reals. I’m willing to pinky swear on it.

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