Hey, I Have a Blog!

No, I didn’t entirely forget that I had a blog. Yes, I did entirely forget to update it. I’ve been thinking lately that this site seriously needs a design makeover, which will take some time to do. Every time I think about posting, I just feel bad that I haven’t had time to prettify my poor blog, so I’ve just been trying to put it out of my mind. I AM SORRY!

The current interminable knitting project is the Return of the Shawl of Doom. It’s a simple garter stitch triangular shawl in Fleece Artist Goldielocks that I put aside (or possibly hurled violently aside) about two years ago because the yarn was driving me crazy crazier. I am now much more capable of working with this yarn and it is no longer causing me to gnash my teeth every time I pick it up. So this is not yet a story with a happy ending, but at least it is a story with a Happy Bit Somewhere After the Beginning but Not Quite at the Middle Yet.

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  1. Silverilix says:

    Hope your shawl is going well.. can we have a pic?

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