Laziness Is an Art Form… Right?

Believe it or not, it’s not because I’m too lazy to write that I haven’t been posting. It’s because I’ve been too lazy to crop and de-uglify my photos in Photoshop. I consider writing photoless posts, but then I think how stupid that is when I have so many relevant yarny photos on my hard drive, so I just don’t do anything.

I finished my third pair of socks, which I named the Rockin’ in the Free World Socks because 1) I went to a Neil Young concert this month (to which I did not even take the socks, because we were down on the floor rather than up in the stands and I figured that DPNs would be hazardous), and 2) I got Kevin from Moist to hold one of the socks. So they, um, rock.

Rockin in the Free World Socks

I have no idea how long the first sock of the pair took because I put it aside and forgot about it for something like five months, but I do know that the second sock took me nineteen days. That isn’t bad — for me. I’m trying to find a good stitch pattern for the next pair of socks, but I don’t have immediate plans to start actually knitting them.

Oh, and here is one of last year’s Tangled Up in Blue socks. I finished knitting these last August, and then I tossed them aside and ignored them until last week, when I wove the ends in. All four of the ends. If I were any lazier, I would probably be dead.

Tangled Up in Blue Sock

Last week I started Branching Out. (Psst, if you’d been following me on Twitter, you’d already know that. @ KnitKitten, of course.) I am using Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool in hot pink. This would be the same Silky Wool I blogged about on September 3, 2006. When I said, “I am in no hurry,” apparently I really was not kidding.

Branching Out is going well. I wonder what kind of hell I have doomed myself to by daring to say something like that. I have done eight pattern repeats out of a projected twenty-seven, and it looks more or less like it is supposed to. There might be some uneven tension or twisted stitches, but so far nothing really horrible is wrong with it.

Anyway, I’ve gotta go. I’ve got a scarf to knit and a whole lot of photographs to beat into submission.

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  1. K says:

    Re: weaving in ends. Well. There’s a hat I knit months ago, and wore frequently… and the two ends, one of each colour, from the crown were just tied into a bow on the inside.

    You’re not alone. =D

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