Buying Underwear Is the New Doing Laundry

No, I’m not kidding; I really did buy underwear tonight instead of doing laundry. In my defense, I am not completely out of clean underwear. I just don’t have many clean pairs of comfortable underwear, and purchasing more seemed like the most time-efficient way to remedy this situation, since tomorrow is Christmas Eve and I have a plane to catch and plenty of things to do before catching said plane.

Admittedly, I did buy underwear at the grocery store, which is pretty sad.

I hurt my back last week when I slipped on some ice and fell. So last week was pretty unpleasant, but this week the pain doesn’t hit me until about 4 p.m. every day. Apparently that’s as long as I can remain upright without it hurting, but it doesn’t hurt nearly as much as it did last week. It has made knitting challenging, though.

I haven’t actually needed to do a lot of knitting, per se, but I do have lots of sewing up of knitted items to do. That, of course, happens to be my least favourite part. Which is why I’ve left all of it for so long.

Pretty pictures of stash should distract you from lack of any further content, right? Look, Handmaiden yarn in the First Flight colourway from Baadeck Yarns.

Handmaiden yarn in First Flight colourway

And the Celtic Colours colourway…

Handmaiden yarn in Celtic Colours colourway

And now for something completely different:

ass cupcakes for sale!

It took me quite a while to figure out that was supposed to stand for “assorted cupcakes.” Because, I mean, it says ass cupcake.

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