A Sock That Rocks

Some people are good at getting Canadian rock stars to hold a sock (or Henry) for photo ops. I always thought that would be fun. So on Tuesday night, I asked Kevin Young, who plays keyboards for David Usher and played keyboards for Moist, to hold the sock I’m working on. (Of course I brought my sock to the David Usher concert. Duh.) If you’re not a fan of Moist and/or of David Usher, then you have no idea who Kevin is. If you are a fan, then you understand that this is awesome.

Kevin Young holding my sock

Kevin was really nice and patient about complying with my bizarre request, especially when you consider that my camera was not being nice or patient. We had to move into better light and I had to take a whole bunch of shots in order to get one that turned out okay. Not that the final sock photo is a very good picture of him. Look, here he is during the concert, looking normal.

Kevin Young at the keyboard

Kevin was also very nice about giving hugs to us weirdo girls who were waiting outside the tour bus after the concert. Aww, we ♥ you, Kevin!

It’s been a while since anyone has asked me why I wanted them to hold a sock, and I totally failed at explaining it to Kevin. I eventually gave up and said, “Look, it’s just something knitters do. You’re just going to have to accept it.” Sorry about giving the impression that all knitters are unhinged.

David didn’t come out to talk to the fans afterward, although he sometimes does. ‘Twas a good concert, though. I also liked the opening band, Crash Parallel. I’d prefer a concert at a venue where you can stand up the whole time, rather than at the Playhouse, but it was a better venue for a David Usher show than the casino in Halifax, which is where I saw him last time.

closeup of David Usher

I wrote down the set list… mostly… I won’t post it unless I think I’ve actually gotten all the songs down correctly.

David Usher with guitar

There actually has been quite a lot of knitting going on. I still need to finish up the baby sweater, but I’ve also started a Mystery Project involving intarsia, which is coming along quite well.

the back of my first intarsia project

The back of it looks considerably more complicated and horrifying now, but overall, I’m very pleased with my progress on it.

Oh yeah, this is a rock star post, isn’t it?

Tilli Tomas Rock Star in Jade

Tilli Tomas Rock Star, in Jade. The colour really has to be seen in person to be properly appreciated. And appreciate it I do.

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  1. Ria says:

    ;_; I wanted to go see David Usher so badly when I found out he was playing here, but then I didn’t find out that I wouldn’t be working that night until it was too late, and we didn’t have the money top get tickets… he’d better play this area again at some point, so I can go fangirl over his awesomeness. :p

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