The Really Crafty Girls Knit Their Own Stomach Linings

I am not the one who originally said that this pink strip of knitting looks like a stomach lining, and I didn’t pay quite enough attention in biology class to know whether it really does or not (Tip: If you’re thinking of doing a Google Image search for “stomach lining?” Don’t.), but I’ve been referring to it as “the stomach lining” anyway. This has caused me lately to say things such as, “I’m going to put my stomach lining over here where I won’t forget it,” and not realize right away how insane that sounds.

knitted stomach lining

It’s Sean Sheep Byron Bay in Antique Pink. I needed cheap yarn for a decorative strip of random knitting and I bought this yarn purely because it cost $2.20 (okay, I bought it because it cost $2.20 and it looks like a regurgitated ballerina), but I have grown so attached to it that I think I will buy some more and make an actual scarf out of it.

knitting book display at the public library

The stomach lining is actually part of the display, but the sock just ducked in there for a minute to put in an appearance. It gets around, it does.

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One Response to The Really Crafty Girls Knit Their Own Stomach Linings

  1. Heather says:

    Oh, I’ve been MEANING to get to the library, and now you have a knitting display! Good bait.
    I used to haunt ithe library when my girls were younger, but now we tend to buy our books and share them, so I miss my library visits.
    Lovely stomach lining, just lovely.
    Always wanted to say that.

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