Excuses, Excuses… and Yarn

Bad blogger, no biscuit. As always, I have a fleet of creative excuses for why I hadn’t been posting. The main one is that I couldn’t find the doohickey that connects my digital camera to the computer so I could upload photos, and knitblogs aren’t as much fun without photos, so whenever I thought about updating, it seemed kind of lame. But I’ve found the doohickey (cable, wire, whatever) and now I can post photos again.

Another reason for my lack of posts is, as always, my general laziness. A third reason is that, as far as my mood goes… well, I’ve been better. It’s nothing to worry about. It’s been a dreadful winter, weather-wise, I have some personal stuff going on (who doesn’t?), and maybe I need my meds tweaked. Or maybe I don’t. It’s nothing major. I’m functioning well. I get up every day, I go to work, I like to think that I do my work well, I read, I hang out with people, and, oh yeah, did I mention that I KNIT A PAIR OF SOCKS?

Today I bought reward yarn for finishing my first pair of socks. It also helped that all the yarn at the Singer store in Fredericton is on sale for the next two weeks. Sweet.

Noro Kureyon, colour 154

Why, yes, I did take off my boots in the store and show the lady my new socks. However did you guess? I also showed them to most of my co-workers.

Turning two pieces of string into actual socks that you can wear on your feet really does wonders for your mood. Or at least it did for mine.

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4 Responses to Excuses, Excuses… and Yarn

  1. Ria says:

    Boo for issues that may involve meds. :/ I’ve been on more meds myself lately, though for me, at least, they were more because of infections than others things. *sympathy hug*

    And mmmm, Noro. :3 I ought to get some of that stuff, when I have the cash. I’ve been wanting to knit that Noro Striped Scarf that I keep seeing everywhere these days!

  2. canknitian says:

    Ooh. Pretty! I can’t wait until Trish gets the Noro sock yarn. CAN’T WAIT! Not that I don’t have a million skeins of sock yarn to knit in the meantime, but I need to see it…feel it…bring it home with me. 🙂

  3. Nosferatu says:

    I just sent you an email to kitten@knitkitten.net, PLEASE READ IT as it’s NOT SPAM!

  4. Jennifer says:

    I hope you feel better soon! Noro always helps.

    You’ve been given an award…and tagged for a meme! Please see my blog for the details. 🙂

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