There Has Not Been Much Knitting.

There has not been much knitting lately, and I am sorry. I am busy with a few other things, namely my NaNoWriMo novel, and the fact that next weekend, I am moving to Fredericton for six months. (I’m not fitting the entire six months into the next weekend. They’re just going to start then.) If you ever do NaNo, do not move to another city halfway through November. It greatly hampers your productivity. I am insanely jealous of Ria for having hit 25,000 words already. I myself am currently just shy of 12,000. Sigh.

Oh, and despite having extremely valid excuses for my lack of productivity on all fronts lately, it’s still true that I am also a big procrastinator and lazy as sin.

One thing I have managed to do lately is spend a completely disgusting amount of money on yarn and craft books, though I can ill afford it. This is not totally my fault, ’cause The Boy and I rented a car last weekend so we could see the Arrogant Worms concert in Fredericton and I could scout out places to live. Since we had a car, we went to the main Cricket Cove store in Blacks Harbour (village motto, which I am not making up: “Home of the Largest Sardine Industry in the World”), and it was love.

My boyfriend at Cricket Cove in Blacks Harbour

My boyfriend, who is not normally that blurry, and a whole mess o’ Fleece Artist.

Me at Cricket Cove in Blacks Harbour

Unfortunately, I am normally that dorky-looking.

The store was lovely and there was so. much. yarn. We didn’t look at anything else in Blacks Harbour, but the village did smell much better than one would expect of the Home of the Largest Sardine Industry in the World. So I had to buy some yarn, because I don’t know when I’ll be back there again, and I really will post yarn pr0n photos another day.

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2 Responses to There Has Not Been Much Knitting.

  1. Steph Vw says:

    Isn’t Cricket Cove magical? I love visiting the shop when I go home.

    And you aren’t dorky-looking. I think you look quite cute in that photo.

    Have fun in Fredericton – you’re going to need your hand knits for sure – it gets cold there!

  2. Kay says:

    Oooh, lookie at the store *paws at it* I’ve never been to the original, just to the little spin-off here in Moncton.

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