Wedding Belle Blues

I have the worst timing in the world. I just spent several days in Halifax, and the day after I got back, Stephanie Pearl-McPhee announced that she’d be in Halifax on August 7. (Hrm. I wonder what the venue is. So far it just says “Details to come” on the Harlot on Tour page.) If I had known that beforehand, I wouldn’t have spent basically all of my money in Halifax last weekend. I would’ve made sure to save some if I’d known I would be making another Halifax trip so soon. If I’m even able to get a day off work to go, that is. Because if I don’t, I will of course die. Not that I am ever melodramatic or anything.

I was in Halifax for a wedding. My boyfriend and I gave the bride and groom a gift certificate from Empire Theatres for a wedding gift, but I wanted them to have something tangible, too, so I also knit them a washcloth and bought some handmade soaps at the museum gift shop to go with it.

blue washcloth and soaps

Nearly two weeks ago, I finally finished my Live Simply cross stitch, but I want to wait until I wash it and iron it before I take a photo of the finished object. Maybe next week. I started stitching a little Pirates of the Caribbean skull-and-crossed-swords design, but right now my knitting and stitching are on hold for a few days while I’m doing my Harry Potter readthrough. I’m still on Order of the Phoenix, which means I’ll never finish rereading the sixth book before I get my copy of the seventh on Saturday. Whoopsy.

I bought so much stuff in Halifax that I am somewhat embarrassed to take a picture of the new additions to the stash. Here’s a taste of it, though.

Celestial Merino Dream in Aquarius on a swift

Celestial Merino Dream in the Aquarius colourway, being wound into a ball at The Loop.

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5 Responses to Wedding Belle Blues

  1. Ria says:

    You understand that you must show pictures of all the new yarns you bought, don’t you? :p

    If I had the money, I’d so go to Halifax to see Yarn Harlot! Maybe next time she has a book out, we can convince her to drop by Saint John, or even Fredericton.

  2. Kitten says:

    I will show pictures of the new yarn, I promise. As long as I can get time off from work, I will go to Halifax on August 7, even if I have to borrow money from someone (boyfriend or parents). It shouldn’t be a problem to get one day off from the call centre, I’m just praying that nobody at the bookstore will be on vacation that week, because if they are, I’d have to work extra hours. I doubt that pointing out that I HAVE to see an AUTHOR who writes BOOKS that we carry in our STORE or I will DIE would make much difference if we’re already shorthanded that week. Please, nobody be on summer vacation then…

  3. Miss Me says:

    saw that you’re looking for a ride back to nb after the harlot in halifax. if i had room, i’d offer, but with 2 kids, camping gear, husband and 2 gerbils (don’t ask!) we’d have to tie you to the roof. i don’t know for sure if anyone else is going from fred’n, but if i find someone, i’ll let you know. okay?

  4. Kitten says:

    I kind of want to ask about the gerbils, but since you’ve warned me not to… 🙂 Thanks for thinking of me!

  5. Amonda says:

    Hi Wendy,Phyllis has known all along how you feel about her. That’s one of the reasons she’s kept in touch for so many years. Don’t ever qtsueion that.True friendship often transcends spoken words. I’m sure she’s as thankful to you for being her friend as you are to her for being yours. She may have left earth but she remains with you in spirit.Thanks for sharing.Love Mark

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