Not Actually Roadkill

As predicted, I’ve been really busy lately. A while ago, I did the easy part of the knitted kitty, the knitting part, but unfortunately, sometime I’m going to have to do the more difficult part, the stuffing and sewing, because until I do that, it won’t resemble a kitty in the slightest. Well, maybe a roadkill kitty, but that is unpleasant, to say the least.

One day this will be a knitted kitty.

Great, now this is bugging me, because I swear I saw a site once with pictures of what looked like knitted roadkill, and it wasn’t Patricia Waller’s fabulously disturbing crochet. Or maybe not roadkill, but flat dead animals, anyway. I thought maybe I had it bookmarked, but I don’t seem to (although maybe this could be because it doesn’t actually exist). So right now I’ve got another browser tab open and I’m here Googling stuff like knit dead snake and knit dead tiger and trying to pretend I am not insane.

Oh, and regarding the kitty’s tail, the pattern says:

Cast on 16 sts. K 1st row. In the 2nd row, K 10 sts and turn (leaving 6 sts “unknitted”). 3rd row K (this row is shorter now). Repeat these 3 rows 3 times.

Now, I would interpret this as twelve rows, because if you are going to repeat these three rows three times, then wouldn’t you have to knit the three rows one other time first? Otherwise, it’s not really repeating them. I think it’s actually supposed to be nine rows, though, because the tail in the picture on the pattern page looks shorter than twelve rows, and other people on Craftster said they did nine rows, too. I’m not sure why I’m even bothering to mention this, because I’ve got a nine-row tail, and if it turns out that it looks funny, then I’ll just knit a new one. Duh.

Speaking of semantics, I am going to be even more pedantic than I just was and correct something I said in my last post. I said that the kitty would be a calico cat, but that’s because I thought it had some white on it. The light patches aren’t actually white, they’re cream. Technically, that makes the inanimate, currently flat cat-to-be a tortoiseshell, because according to Wikipedia, calicos have white on them and tortoiseshells don’t.

I finally got around to updating my version of WordPress. Go, me.

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4 Responses to Not Actually Roadkill

  1. Kitten says:

    I’m just checking to see if my reCAPTCHA works.

  2. Ria says:

    When you turn when you’ve left some stitches unknitted, are you doing the whole “slipped stitch to avoid holes” thing that a lot of people do with short rows, or is it not making a difference with that yarn? I imagine fuzzy yarn or tight stitches wouldn’t show much of a hole anyway, really, but I went through some annoyance learning to do that properly when I did all the short rows on the Petal Bib.

    And now you’ve convinced me that I ought to update my own knitblog. New post will come tomorrow! (Or possibly tonight, depending on how tired I feel after getting home from work. :p)

    Also, hurrah for the erasure of hacker material!

  3. Kitten says:

    I didn’t slip stitches, but I don’t think it made a difference with the fuzzy-ish yarn on 3mm needles. It looks a bit loose in places, but not hole-loose, just loose-loose, so I think it’s just my tension that’s the problem. I did short rows on the still-unpictured booties, so I’ve got a vague idea about the slipping stitches to avoid holes thing. (The key word here would be “vague.”)

    Thanks for alerting me to the hacker activity, Ria!

    And thank you, Turkish hacker children, for reminding me that I should really update my version of WordPress. (I can’t prove that they’re children, but I’m assuming they are, because 1) they hacked a knitblog, 2) all they did was alter two entries, and 3) it took them eighteen hours to do so.) Since my WordPress is all nice and updated now, though, y’all don’t need to do it again.

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