Jane Comes Early to the Party

On Friday I made a test baby bootie out of some Red Heart yarn so I could learn what horrible mistakes I might want to avoid making when I knit the real booties. I’m doing the One-Hour Baby Booties from Stitch ‘n Bitch Nation, and the horrible mistake I have to avoid involves slipping a stitch knitwise on row 13. There’s always something. (Note to self: When knitting the real booties and you slip that stitch, do not put your needle into the back loop, you idiot.)

It was very fun to see the test bootie poking out all three-dimensional while it was still on the needles, and I felt all proud of myself when I finished the test bootie (except for the crocheted strap) and it looked just like a bootie, barring the Awful Thing that happened on row 13, which makes it look like a bootie with a little purple worm stuck in it. Then my mom called and told me that my new cousin had been born that afternoon. She’s a girl. (The baby, that is. Well, and my mom, too.) Her parents gave her a completely sane name, and I am thrilled about that. Her name is Jane Irene. I am thrilled about her arrival as well… but her estimated date of arrival was April 9, and she was born on March 30. You are not supposed to come early to the party, Jane! Not even if it is your own birthday party! I still have booties to knit, and my mother still has to finish a blanket!

The good news is that “One-Hour Booties” isn’t an exaggeration. Well, it is for me, but even so, it’s less of an exaggeration than I expected it to be. I can totally knit one of those booties in an hour, although I expect most people can knit both of them and add the straps and the buttons in that time.

The other good news is that Mega Man is finished, although I have to find a frame for him and I haven’t even ironed him yet. I went with the DMC 3855 for his face. He’s going to be a present for my brother.

Mega Man cross stitch

I’ve also finally gotten enough of the Live Simply design stitched that I took my first progress shot of it.

first progress shot of Live Simply cross stitch

To do: knit the real booties, then grab my hook and learn chain stitch for the straps. I’m not truly in a big hurry. These won’t fit Jane until she grows a bit.

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