It’s Not Much of a Tail, but I’m Sort of Attached to It

Eeyore is finished, and I was so dedicated to showing his colours accurately that I went outside when it was -26°C with the wind chill, just so I could get a photo in natural light. The things I do for you, Eeyore.

cross stitched Eeyore

Now that I’ve finished Eeyore, I’m going to do a Winnie-the-Pooh. I’ve also got a little Tigger kit, and it would be nice to have a manic Tigger to go with my depressed Eeyore, but the Tigger kit I have is this one that pictures him from the waist up, and I’d really need a full-body Tigger to be the proper yang to Eeyore’s yin. Plus, the Pooh Bear kit is easier.

All sorts of cross stitch kits were on sale at Wal-Mart, so Pooh and Tigger were $2.60 each instead of their regular price of $3.47. I’ve also been looking all over my apartment for a little butterfly kit I got about two years ago and opened but never started. After much searching, I managed to find the original packaging, the pattern, the little plastic frame for it, and even the freakin’ needle that came with the kit, but do you think I could find the floss or the fabric? Noooo. I know they’re around here somewhere, but I don’t know where. The frame was at the bottom of a laundry basket that contained many items that were not laundry, and the rest of the stuff was in a milk crate which was mostly full of magazines.

Nope, no scarf pictures today. Last weekend as I had hoped, this weekend coming up — what’s the difference, really, as long as they appear eventually?

I have several small, quick knitting projects planned for the very near future, but mentioning any plan I have for anything before I start it makes me less likely to get around to it, so I won’t go into further detail about any of them until I cast on. I have also been procrastinating for eons with respect to updating this blog to a more recent version of WordPress, and fixing up/creating some other things around the site. But I won’t express a plan to actually do so, because that always bodes ill.

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