That’s Progress, Sugar

The wrist is feeling much better. I can now knit without any pain. It’s not completely healed yet — for instance, I wouldn’t try playing volleyball with it, but I am never going to play volleyball ever again anyway, so that’s no big deal.

Now that the wrist has improved, there is only one obstacle to the knitting: a small, furry, sharp-toothed creature.

my kitten on the stripey scarf

All kidding aside, she’s really eased up quite a bit on her Kill All Yarn mission, now that she is an oh-so-mature ten months old. Sleeping on the knitting is much better than attacking it with her teeth. Although she still does that on occasion.

I finally got around to putting these JavaScript progress bars on the sidebar. I should really make some time to work on this site’s design. I used to like doing stuff like that, and theoretically I still do, but it’s been so long since I’ve done any web design stuff. Unsurprisingly, grad school leaves one with little free time. It would be fun to do more than just tweak the default CSS a little, which is pretty much all I’ve done here.

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