An Experiment in Pain

My wrist has now healed enough so that using it doesn’t hurt at the time, just causes it to throb the day after. It’s interesting trying to figure out how many rows I can knit on the Stripey Scarf without causing pain the next day. (The answer: Surprisingly few.) Not a fun process, but it won’t last too much longer.

Although the Wrist will likely feel considerably better next week, I won’t be able to make it to Halifax KOL again until the end of June, since my spring course at the university has started and it’s on Tuesday nights. When I return, I will try to be less shy.

The Public Gardens opened for the season last weekend, and I wandered around in them taking pictures. There’s still not a lot there to take pictures of, though, since there are no leaves on the trees and most of the flowers aren’t out yet.


a duck


tree in blossom

Streamy thing!

a streamy thing and two garbage bags if you look closely


the bandstand

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