Boys Knitting

A few days ago I saw a guy knitting in public.

He was knitting something pink.

More accurately, the yarn was pink with flecks of white and flecks of grayish-browny.

I almost asked him what he was making, but I didn’t, because sometimes I am inexplicably shy.

There is just something about seeing boys knitting that causes intense happiness. I cannot possibly be the only one who feels this.

Here is a picture of a guy friend of mine knitting, although I have done the whole ridiculous putting-a-black-bar-over-his-eyes thing, since I have not asked his permission to post this anywhere. I’m sure he wouldn’t mind, but I’m getting a kick out of the stupid black bar over his eyes so I think I’ll keep it there.

Mohawked boy knitting

FYI, I’m pretty sure he’s single right now. In case the Mohawk is a selling point for anybody, though, I must regretfully inform you that he has recently gotten rid of it.

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One Response to Boys Knitting

  1. lenise says:

    Lucky. I would kill to have a guy friend that knitted. I have a couple of them that crochet but it just isn’t the same. A friend of mine saw a couple of guys knitting at a local coffee shop. I’m doing what I can to track them down.

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